Red Bean Soup 红豆甜汤 / Creamy Red Bean红豆浆 Chef Recommendation 



The bowl of red bean is cooked with organic red bean, black rice, pandan leaf, tangerine peel and brown sugar. Red bean itself provides fiber, protein and other nutritions such as iron, vitamin B1 and potassium. Besides, red bean can help in promoting blood circulation, body detoxification as well as diuretic effect. 





Green Bean Soup  绿豆甜汤/Creamy Green Bean 绿豆浆Chef Recommendation  




Green bean is helpful in expelling our body toxin, so it is benefit to weight loss. In Veggie Planet, green bean is cooked with organic green bean, pandan leaf, and brown sugar. Barley itself rich in nutrients and fiber. So, the combination with barley would be good to reduce cholesterol level as it helps to clear the accumulation of blood vessel wall. Thus, it would prevent the risk of getting stroke or cardiovascular disease.








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