Energy Porridge 五行能量粥 Chef Recommendation 

It consists of Radish,Carrot,Burdock,Mushroom, and brown rice. Energy porridge helps to prevent disease, anti-aging, enhanced immunity.


Nasi Lemak 椰香糙米饭Chef Recommendation  

Nasi Lemak is one of our popular local Malaysian dishes. This aromatic dish is made from traditional brown rice cooked in rich coconut milk, accompanied by boiled vegetables, eggs, roasted peanuts, tempeh and spiced up with some "sambal", a hot chilli paste.


Hoi Lok Feng Lui Cha 海路丰咸茶  

The brown rice will be served with the pounded tea. In Veggie Planet, pounded tea is boiled from pesto leaf, peppermint leaf, pu er tea, white sesame, ginger, ground nut and cashew-nut to become soup.

Lui Cha is suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner or on cold days as a tasty and healthy restorative.


Veggie Asam Pedas 亚参香饭 

The brown rice served with asam pedas soup contain cabbage, tempeh, egg plant, lady finger, carrot, cucumber, tomato and okra. This would definitely a good choice for lunch or dinner.



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