Herbal Egg lutan 21



Fresh Veggie Roll百花蔬菜卷Chef Recommendation

Bran rolled with boiled bean sprouts, added with red blisters ,purple cabbage, fried radish silk with refreshing taste. Dipped with tomato, chilli and lemon sauce, the sweet and sour spicy taste is particularly appetizing.


Tempeh 天贝Chef Recommendation  

- Tempeh Original 原味天贝

- Tempeh Curry 咖喱天贝

- Tempeh Cube 天贝Q

Tempeh has been a favorite food and staple source of protein in Indonesia for several hundred years. A fermented food made of cooked soybeans, tempeh produces natural antibiotic agents which are thought to increase the body's resistance to intestinal infections. It's also interesting because of its structure and high protein content - it has a rubbery, yet firm, texture and a nutty mushroom flavor. It's also high in B-12, niacin, copper, potassium and magnesium. 


天貝, 是煮熟的黃豆,由麴菌中的菌絲發酵後結合而成。在其新代謝過程中,使不同的物質進行分解,產生了人体所需的多種營養物質 ( 如有機酸、氨基酸等 )。它含有豐富的蛋白質:新鮮的,含 18.3% ;  乾燥的却有 48.7%。 容易消化,而且,麴菌能有效地阻止胰蛋白抗化劑,還有促進人体造血、營養神經的作用。 既可緩和老化、增強腦力、提高肝臟的解毒功能, 又能降低血脂,解除疲勞,預防癌症。

天貝,就像其它的發酵食品 ( 味噌、日本醬油、納豆等 ) 及海菜一般, 是少數含有維生素 B12 的非肉類食品之一。

天貝,是上天賜的寶貝 !


資料來源 : 古早味



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