Veggie Planet is a healthy diet culture local vegetarian restaurant. We use all natural ingredients as possible to ensure our product quality. By using all natural ingredients we craft culinary delights that will exceed your expectations of vegetarian food.            

What is living food diet?

In order to solve the rapid increase of population and food problems, people using chemical Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and preservatives to increase crop production. Food fads and trends come and go. But one that seems to be increasing in. And that’s the Living food diet, which is defined as a completely vegetarian diet, without pesticides, chemicals Fertilizer, chemical additives and preservative treatment or contaminated food, and eats more raw foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. 

The living food diet tends to be dense with nutrients that are easily absorbed into our blood, and contains little or no saturated fat. It is low in sodium, high in potassium and fiber. These factors are important in helping to reduce the risk of certain diseases such as heart disease and some cancers. Many kinds of illnesses, including the risk of so-called "incurable" disease can practice this kind of diet to reduce pain, ease the condition, or even gradually recover. As long as we practice this diet and reduce meat, eat more natural food and reduce the cooked food, you can get 50-80% of the vitality of the food (the rest is plant cooked food). Hence, practice living food diet leads to a longer, more energetic life.

Veggie Planet provides 5 NO:

  •  NO MSG 
  •  NO Preservative  
  •  NO Artificial Coloring                             
  •  NO Artificial Flavors & Fragant  
  •  NO Microwave & Irradiation

 SUITABLE for Vegetarian   







人類為了提高農作物的生產量來解決急速增加的人口與糧食問題,因此有了化學肥料、農藥、殺蟲劑及防腐劑的發明。如今,食品潮流和趋势来来去去。但是,有种食品却似乎越来越受欢迎,那就是生機飲食,指的是完全素食、不吃經農藥、化學肥料、化學添加物及防腐處理或污染的食品,而多吃未經烹煮的食物及新鮮的蔬果。生機飲食可以医治疾病。许多种疾病的患者,包括罹患所谓“不治之症” 的患者都可透过各种自然饮食疗法,减轻疼痛、缓解病情,甚至逐步复原。只要逐步吃素,减少肉食,多吃生機食品、减少熟食,就可获得50-80% 的生機食品(其余是植物性熟食),就能够改善体质,增强抵抗力、精力充沛而健康、长寿。因此食用生機飲食不但能做好身體環保,對於地球環保亦具有正面意義,因此若搭配得宜仍是值得推廣的。


  •   无味精
  •   无防腐剂
  •   无人造色素                          
  •   无化学合成香精
  •   无微波使用
  •   素食者可用